Retail Security

Security within retail should reflect the brand values of the Client, being inclusive not intrusive.

Almost like a stage production, when it comes to retail security, it is important for our cast to deliver a service that is at present unrivaled elsewhere. As our staff are potentially the first point of contact, the security service needs support the clients journey intended for the customer.

Secondly their service, politeness and assistance is crucial to ensure the customer experience is engaging.

Lastly they are normally the final point of contact which should leave the customer satisfied with their experience and overall journey.

VIGILO's experience and understanding ensures the clarity of our client’s brand is never obscured.

Defining style and creating desire is difficult, but we recognise detracting from both is easy!

Our staff are carefully selected, meticulously trained and consistently maintain the standards of service guaranteed to match the luxury shopping experience.


Confidentiality. Integrity. Professionalism.