K9 Services

Criminals and Ram raiders avoid areas where patrol dogs are known to operate. When your business continuity depends upon the integrity of your goods and your premises, a security dog handler can give you that peace of mind you need.

We know that there are some occasions where only a security dog team can deliver the protection that you require. Our Highly trained operatives deliver an excellent effective and visual deterrent when needed.

Just the use of one of our mobile dog teams is also equivalent to a number of security personnel, as they have the ability to cover much larger areas, as well as the dogs being able to better detect over longer distances through, sight, scent and hearing.

Our dog teams are fully vetted and screened, receiving training to perform at a high standard above the industries norm. All our teams are certified under SIA (Security Industry Authority) and our dog handlers are trained and qualified to N.A.S.D.U standards.


Confidentiality. Integrity. Professionalism.