Inam Ul Haq - General Manager

Inam has worked within the security industry for the past 10 years 8 of which is with VIGILO.

His diligence is beyond question and this is demonstrated by his rapid promotion within VIGILO, He started as a security officer and within 2 years his attitude, application and aptitude led to his promotion to position of supervisor.  His constant strive for perfection combined with excellent contract deliver metrics elevated him to the position of General Manager which he has held for the last four years.

Inam has had a very strong thirst for knowledge both within the security industry generally but also within the luxury brand market. He understands the drivers behind the contracts we have with luxury brands and has become our expert in luxury retail security operations. His trustworthiness elevated him to the position where he manages and participates in the international movement of fine jewellery. 

This task can appear to the inexperienced person to be a simple case of transportation whereas it demands a whole to more. Being alert at all times is critical and spatial awareness fundamental to ensure you are not entering into a potential theft situation.

His empathetic but firm style means he is ideal for managing events, photoshoots and K9 dog operations.