Philip Shields - Head of Operations

Philip served with Police Scotland for 25 years during which time he performed both uniform and non-uniform duties. His early career was on the frontline often being the first responder on the scene at incidents of distress, hostility, violence or tragedy.

Philip then joined the Intelligence Branch of Police Scotland and was responsible for identifying individuals involved in serious and organised crime. He would then unwind the threads that bind a crime group together by planning operations to arrest those persons involved and disrupt their long-term criminal enterprise.

On completion of his service in 2005 Philip joined the security industry as an Area Manager with the responsibility for Retail and Man Guarding. He oversaw the deployment of officers at national retail brands throughout the United Kingdom and maintained these contracts.

In 2011 joined VIGILO Solutions. Philip is driven to provide the highest level of service to his Clients at all times and will always find a solution to any problem.